H4L PRO Tech Elite Wheelie Duffle - GREY


• Freestanding design
• 10 separate pockets
• Large central storage section
• 2 bat padded bat cave
• USB port *
• Vented shoe tunnel
• Helmet pocket
• Padded valuables pocket
• Insulated chiller pocket
• 2 large side pockets
• Deluxe padded shoulder straps
• Strap concealer
• Large front pocket
• Deluxe wheel system ensures smooth transport

Length x Depth x Width 

93cm x 35cm x 38cm

 * Design may vary

onnect your own power bank to the internal cable inside the backpack, then plug your phone's own charging cable into the outside USB port to charge your phone. Please note that you will need to have your own power bank. You can also listen to your favourite music using the hands-free headphone hole

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