Refurbs & Repairs


We offer the following cricket bat repair and refurbishment services:

  • Full Clean up includes sanding, fixing any splits or cracks, re-label (Hell4Leather bats only), re-grip
  • Minor Bat repair includes fixing shoulder cracks, fixing toe cracks. This does NOT include resanding
  • Bat modification (e.g. weight reduction, re-balance)
  • Full Rehandle includes replace broken handle, fix cracks or splits, Full resand, new labels(H4L Bats only)
  • Straight Rehandle includes changing handle, fixing cracks in shoulder. This does not include resanding 

The price does not include the costs involved in getting the bats to us. We recommend that you use a recorded and insured delivery service to send them to us as we can only accept responsibility for them once received and cannot be held responsible for damage whilst en-route to us.

Please remember to include a covering note, detailing the service you require, your contact details and any special instructions you may have.

The finsihed bat will then be sent back to you recorded delivery for £8.50 Alternatively you can collect from our workshop.

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