H4L TN26 Cricket Bat


Your bat, your way ...

All our senior bats are hand crafted by our master bat maker in our workshop in Kent from the finest English Willow.
When ordering choose your bat size, willow grade, profile type and weight range. Your bat will then be made to your exact specification.


Low Profile
The sweet spot will be more focused in the toe. This is perfect for low slow pitches and players who like to play on the front foot. This profile allows for a long sweeping middle.


The sweet spot will be in the middle of the bat. This is offers fantastic pick-up and balance and is our most popular profile. This is great for an all round stock player in any conditions.

High Profile

The sweet spot slightly higher thank middle. This is perfect for fast bouncy  pitches and players who like to play on the back foot.This profile offers fantastic pick-up and balance.


With a slightly shorter blade, huge edges,(36mm+)  minimal concaving and counter balanced handle, the 'duckbill' toe  provides exceptional pickup and balance. Its thick edges and a huge sweet spot, combined with a beautifully balanced pick up this bat is perfect for the all-round stroke player.


The perfect blend between modern bat making techniques and traditional profile. With regular edge size and huge spine gives this bat a huge sweet spot, combined with a beautifully balanced pick up.

Willow Grading


These are the premium pick of our lightest/best looking Grade 1 English Willow (the willow we put aside for the pros!). These will have 8+ grains and a clean playing face.
G1 - Grade 1 English Willow

The Grade 1 English Willow will have 7+ grains and maybe a small blemish or mark on the playing face.
G2 - Grade 2 English Willow

The Grade 2 English Willow will have 5+ grains and maybe a blemish or mark on the playing face.

Our world famous Monster Cricket Bats are available on request. We cut these from our own oversized clefts, therefore numbers are limited due to willow availabiltiy. Contact us for more information.

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