H4L Devil Cricket Bat


Our H4L Devil Cricket Bats are normal Hell4Leather Cricket Bats which have been filtered out during the production process.

The Devil has been designed with thick edges and a huge sweet spot and has a beautifully balanced pick up.

• Slight concave Shaped Spine
• Extra Thick Edges
• Bowed Blade
• Huge Sweet Spot
• Oval Handle

Our world famous Monster Cricket Bats are available on request. Numbers are limited due to willow availabiltiy.

These bats are perfect for any cricketer batting on a budget or to use as a net bat

Why are Devils different?

These bats are English Willow, finished to the same high standard as all of our bats, but are from our lower grade English Willow (Grade 3 - 4) or may have cosmetic blemishes. Although this downgrades the look it takes NOTHING away from the performance, shaped in our HellFire profile.

Willow Grading?
Grade 3 - The willow grade has no direct relation to the playing ability of the wood, it just has less visual attraction. Typically has 5 or 6 grains, some blemish is possible and possibly some minor marking anywhere on the bat, some slight grain wobble.

Grade 4 - Again no impact to the performance. Any number of grains are possible. Upto half the bat may be brown heart wood, fleck, mark, stains, butterflys and blemishes will be present but nothing serious in the playing

All Devil Bats are sold with limited warrenty.

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